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Regional DH scene will once again gather at the “Škrbina” track which, with its 1,7km length and 282 m altitude, attracts many dh enthusiasts. At the first sight, one might think of it as a simple, straightforward track every rider can take. However, behind this misleading tameness lies the track only the fastest riders can truly get to know.

After the start at 346 meters above sea level there’s an easy intro into the so called “Flower field”. The steepest part follows along a double free fall at the “Chappel”. We are here almost half way through to the section where the highest speeds develop. Next we enter the first canal (according to many, the most interesting part of the track), and then there are two jumps, a couple of sharp serpentines, a drop and entrance into the second ditch.

Exit from the ditch is followed by a right bend, the biggest jump on the track and a straight part near the power line, plus a kicker to show off. Here riders take another short turn into the woods after which they’ll find three steps on the final larger steep part. Catch your breath for the final two curves and soon you’ll pass the finish line.

The fastest rider Jure Žabjek passed the track in 2:26,319s , with an average speed of 41,83 km/h.