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Downhill is the most extreme and most attractive discipline in mountain biking. As with alpine skiing , competitors individually , at high speed run down the slope in a race against time . DH course is a combination of forest paths and steep parts of the terrain jumps and other technically demanding elements ( rocks , roots , sharp turns , … ) and requires a superior psychophysical readiness of the rider as well as adequate equipment .

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BK Buzet

Cycling Club Buzet is a sport association founded in  2006. year and a member of the Croatian Cycling Federation ( HBS ) . Since ours establishment, we have organized many cycling events .  DH Buzet race gathers more than 200 riders and about 3,500 spectators.

A very special location

Unlike similar events in the region, DH Buzet takes place close to urban area. Buzet has an excellent geostrategic position, being located only 10 minutes from Slovenian and 30 minutes from Italian border. That’s surely one of the reasons such a big number of competitors and spectators come to DH Buzet.
4000 meters from the Slovenian border, 400 meters from the town center, 0 meters from the adrenaline.

pobjednik u cilju najbolje vrijeme

The town of Buzet

The vicinity of the town of Buzet is the reason the race has all the necessary infrastructure facilities (access roads, connectivity, parking, water, electricity, internet), accommodation facilities, gastronomic offer and additional content (bike expo ,concerts, video workshops, … ).
This is the key element of our success, especially regarding sponsors’ promotion and additional activities.

Buzet and outdoor

Buzet Outdoor Project has been designed to raise the organizing level and coordination between the sports that fit into “Buzet outdoor”. These are paragliding, hang gliding, cycling, hiking, trekking, horse riding, climbing, motorcross/enduro, caving adventure, ballooning, off road 4×4 driving.

The best audience in the world .

IN 3 DAYS OVER 2,500 VISITORS from the region

Join us at the festival of cycling .